Nothing is Impossible – This is the foundation on which Proquateck Innovations is built. Proquateck Innovations was founded to design, manufacture and distribute new innovations to overcome the seamingly impossible.

People all over the world faces challenges on a daily basis, and although these challenges may be different for different countries, cultures, organisations or individuals, one fact remains constant - We are all constantly looking at ways to overcome the challenges we face.

We at Proquateck Innovations, are passionate about what we do. We do not limit ourselves to challenges of a particular size or complexity. Our current project, and by far the biggest and most complex challenge taken up to date, is the current climate change crisis. All we can say for now is: “Watch this space”.

What's new?

COP17 (17th conference of the parties) in Durban, South Africa, has been criticised from many groups as a failure. No real decisions or commitment came out of it - Only more procrastination. Have a look at our Solution.

Have a look at the new Supersplice Tool - the successor of the Prosplice Adaptor. The Supersplice Tool addressed all the shortcomings of the Prosplice Adaptor and more. The Supersplice Tool can now splice round and flat cables/wires in more than 450,000 different combinations using interchangeable components. The Supersplice Tool also gives you the ability to make T-splices.

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